Friday, September 30, 2016

not my fault, not my problem

My daily routine is predictable......and that's an understatement. 

I go to work, go to the gym, get dinner, and head home.  There are variations on the theme but generally speaking, that's my day.

The other day I came out of the gym and found myself walking right into an argument.  There was a couple standing by their car.  From what I could gather, the keys were locked in car. 

What grabbed my attention is that they were yelling at each other about who's fault it was.  They weren't calling for assistance.....not trying to fix the problem in any way......but instead were committed to proving it was the other's fault. 

This makes me crazy.

I don't usually get terribly invested in other people's arguments but this one hit home.  I have a friend.....let's call him Bam Bam.....and he is particularly invested in making sure he is not blamed.......for anything.......ever.  It doesn't matter I'm trying to blame him or not.  It doesn't matter if I preface every statement with "this is in no way your fault and I'm not blaming you for anything".....he is still on guard for any possible blame that may enter his orbit.  The number of times I have had my head bit off with "Well I guess I can't do or say anything right!" more times than I care to remember.  I once was told I'd be getting one of those funny e-cards and when it didn't arrive I gave him a heads which he replied "well I did it, I'm not responsible for delivery".

Huh??  Yeah, this is an issue.

I imagine walking down the street and some random criminal runs up, stabs me, and runs away.  I'm laying on the sidewalk bleeding to death.  Bystanders come rushing over to assist but I say "Stand back good citizens!   This bleeding wound is not Bam Bam's fault so its TOTALLY fine.  Move along.  Nothing to see here."

In my world, blame is less important than addressing the wound.  You need a friend, you need some help, you just need a hug........even if the cause of the need isn't my fault......I will be there. 

Address the wound.

Get your damn car unlocked....psychos.


Just sayin'.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Glitter has left the woods.....

Its been a long time since I posted and soooooo much has changed!

I was taken down by a Lyme carrying tick.  Undiagnosed Lyme Disease made me so sick that I was unable to stay in my woodland haven.  I miss it every day.

I'm currently staying with a friend but as I get stronger and healthier, I'm looking to get a place of my own.  I'm also looking to get back out in the world and have some fun.

I was thinking about how I could do that.  Online dating springs to mind but having done that before, I know it is a lot of bizarre and a lot of frustration.  I have, however, met a couple really great people and have decided to give it another whirl.  If nothing else, it will give me a chance to meet some new people and try some new things.

I'm also back in the gym and have become addicted to my fitbit.  I work the goals every day and am determined to get back into shape.

So, the next stage of my little blog will be the story of transition.  Lets see what happens........

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Shelter Time, Detox Water, and Future Projects

Ok, I've be slackin' about posting! Here is a bit I've been meaning to post for awhile.....

 It has been a really great summer full of new friends, new experiences, new new new and perfectly wonderful!

 As autumn approaches, however, it is time to get down to the business of preparing for winter. I had a day off and so I finally decided to get a move on and start on the winter shelter. 

First things first, gotta hit home depot. First, I need 8 boards that will make up the base of the shelter. I was happy to find the wooden board section….that is until I looked down it:

 Yeah…..ummm….that’s a whole lotta wood! That is also a bit overwhelming and I’m really wishing I knew something about wood right about now. 

Hmmmmm. Ok, so I go down the row and look at each section. I decided on this:

I really wanted to find 2x6x6.5….as that is what the instructions I’m using calls for….but there was none to be had. So, 1x6x8 will have to do. I like having it a bit taller anyway as that will be far less claustrophobic. These are within my budget limits so I think we have a deal! 

Next issue: 

Yeah, that’s not gonna fit. 

Hello my new friend: 

 I load up the wood, grab a saw, find the braces, and snag a nifty little angle finder. I’m just about to leave when I realize I’ve forgotten to get nails. Luckily, I am passing the nail section now…..



All I want is some normal nails to hold together the boards. Regular boring ‘ol nails. It takes way too long but I FINALLY locate nails that look like they will do the trick and I head for the checkout with all the makings for a nifty shelter base: 

 I went just a few dollars over budget but I also get a chance to win big:

 So I’m convinced it will all even out in the end! Ha! I load everything into the van and head home. 

Lugging everything into camp was unpleasant…particularly through the brush path…..but I did it all in one trip. Yes, I’m just that awesome! I decided to only take everything to camp and not up to the new site. That way, I can work on cutting the boards after work when there is still a little light. Once that is done, I can lug everything up the rest of the way. I need to cut them so that when they are joined together, each connection makes a 45 degree angle. I take my new shiny tools: 

And after a couple tries:

I get it perfect! Yay me! Now I have two boards to use as a pattern for the rest. That will have to wait though, as a certain pup has decided it is time for me to take a break:

He stares at me for awhile….then sighs heavily and looks away:

 And when THAT doesn’t work, he takes it to a new level: 

Don’t mind me, I’m just cleaning my leg here:

Yeah, a little hard to get anything done with this drama queen around! 

Who? Me???? 

Ok, I can’t take the face, he wins, time for a nap:

As we are relaxing in our quickly deteriorating temporary shelter, I realize how much I’m going to miss the view of Spring: 

But newly fallen snow will be a whole other view to enjoy! I know I’m behind schedule because the store now has walls of boots on display: 

While I’m here, I checked out my beloved “as seen on tv” section of the store. There is this lovely pillow: 

What strikes me is this guy: 

How happy is he to have that pillow??? Gotta love a man with simple tastes! ….I don’t know about that mustache though…. 

I also picked up some ingredients for a “detox” water I saw online: 

I’ve been told I need to drink more water….I figured I might as well get some vitamin C in the process!

 Possible future project:

I also saw these:

I’m not sure what I’d use them for…..maybe add a handle and make them window shutters? Hmmm….

 More pictures to come once I get this base put together!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Spring turns to Summer


It has been awhile since I posted but things are still moving right along at camp.  After my last post and some warmer weather we had a random return to winter:

I'll admit that put me in a bit of a funk because I was soooooo ready for spring!  The snow and the cold weather did make it much safer to have a good-sized fire though.....


There has been all sorts of goings on at work.....first up is a birthday where I took it upon myself to decorate:

Encasing a mouse in jello was not as hard as I thought it would be.....and the reaction was PRICELESS!

Then came a terrible kidnapping of the resident baby doll:

....complete with ransom note.  The demanded monopoly money is currently being collected and we have high hopes of a save return....

Last but certainly not least was Joey's birthday.  Joey is a proud Italian fellow who continually complains about a lot of things....but mostly the Olive Garden and the Red Sox.  So, for his birthday we made him his very own olive garden....sponsored by the Red Sox of course:

In shelter news.....I've been rethinking the style and am now thinking a Sami Hut.  I found detailed instructions on

This has a cleaner design, better instructions, and will hold up better....I think!  It also allows for a heat source in the form of a wood stove or a fire pit.  I've had some unexpected expenses which have stalled the purchasing of materials but hope to be moving into building mode well before summer is over and the colder temps of autumn move in....

Duffy will be thrilled to have walls again!

In other news, I have become quite the gym go-er.  I am working towards a goal of running a 5k.  I am about half a mile shy of that distance and doing a lot more brisk walking/jogging than running.....but I'm getting there!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Wanderings, Property Finds, and Lost Things

Just before Easter I took the car in for an oil change.  The library was closed that day so I spent my waiting time wandering through the town.  There were lots and lots of Easter themed windows but this one was my favorite:

I, of course, would have gone with a festive feather boa......but that's just me.

Back at camp it is warming up.  I took a little hike and came across the coolest looking tree: 

Very cool

When I first bought the property, the seller told me there a natural spring on the land.  I had yet to find it....until now:

I'm thinking the kolarkoja will be set up near here.  No right next to the spring.....because it is kinda marshy.....but nearby.  It will be nice to be be close to a water source.  The rainwater harvesting is great but when it doesn't rain for a week or more I always end up having to haul water in.  This lovely little spring will solve that problem and get me one step closer to self sufficiency.

Speaking of self sufficiency....look what I found on the side of the road about a mile from my place:

A very cold, very hungry little pug.  He's adorable and just the sweetest thing.

It didn't take him long to warm up and get comfy:

It took two days but I was able to find his owner.  Apparently the little guy had been on his own for almost a week when I found him!  Amazing that he survived.  He's a tough little guy and both he and his human were very very happy to be back together.

Yay happy endings!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Birthday Surprise, Family Portrait, and New Toy Fun

As I ramp up for Spring, a quick update.....

I had a birthday recently and a coworker of mine made some pretty amazing cupcakes for me:

This one is topped with a tent.....

This one had a campfire.....

even the heart shaped plate was decorated with bits of Spring peaking out.

Very cool.

I also thought that taking a picture with Duffy to share would be cool.....Duffy voted against it:

That's the best one.  He prefers to be the single star in all photos I guess!

In more Duffy news, I got a cute duck toy with a rope tail for the pup to play with.....I hung it from a tree because my hands are soooooo not strong enough for a Duffy-caliber game of tug-o-war:


It did not end well for the duck:

That's about it from here! 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Winter Returns, Campfire Fun, and a New Shower

 Remember how I said it looked like Winter was about to go to sleep?  Well......

Not so much. 

Knee deep snow has fallen over the past week.  While I appreciate the fabulous let work out I get from hiking through the stuff.....enough already.  I'm am so very ready for Spring to get here. 

Where is that freakin' groundhog when  you need him????

Well, before the snow flew, I did get in a couple nice campfires:

I forgot how fabulous a campfire smells.

I also put together a new shower and picked up some solar lights:

Cool moment.....last year I was buying a pre-boxed solar shower....this year I'm making one.

No seriously.....does the awesome-ness never stop?

Ok, I took a bucket, put a hole in the bottom, inserted a tube, and sealed it with plumber goo stuff.  The goo is not very pretty to look at....but I added some glitter and made the seal in the shape of a we're good.

I then covered the top with mesh and hug it up to catch the rain.  I couldn't find any giant rubber bands to hold the mesh on but I DID find some headbands.  So, not only is it secure, it is colorful!

Ok, yes, it promptly froze when the temps dipped again....but it is supposed to be warming up again this week so I'll get to try it out! 

The solar lights are nice.  They are allowing me to get around camp at night without having to use the headlamp.  Duffy is not a fan of the he's pretty happy with this solution as well. to look for Spring......