Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tent Drama, Gym, and Community

Tent Drama

There was a hefty wind storm a few nights back which did a lot of damage to the rain fly.  I wasn't terribly concerned because the tent did not appear to be damaged.....

Until I got home the next day and found the two side seems had split and the front of the tent was on the ground.....and the back of the tent was flattened.

Hmmm.  That royally sucks.

Duff and I headed off to the store to find something to sleep in.

I found a two person dome tent.  Since I need to mount it onto the cots....I also got some of my beloved bungee cords and binder clips.

It took some effort but I finally got it all together:

It is way not a winter tent.....but I will wrap it up in tarps to cut down on the heat loss and we still have the grizzly sleeping all is good.


Dumping water on your head in sub-zero weather is bad.

Not washing your hair is also bad.

Using conditioner without heat is pointless.

I'm working on a heated water system for next year but for THIS year I've purchased a multi-visit punch card for a local gym.  When it is too cold to shower outside, I go to the gym.  I get a nice workout in and then get to take a nice hot shower. 

Yay for not having hypothermia!


I have joined an online community of bloggers.  I'm still figuring out the site but it has been very cool checking out other blogs and chatting with other bloggers.  Here is one that is really new but nicely written:


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