Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Birthday Surprise, Family Portrait, and New Toy Fun

As I ramp up for Spring, a quick update.....

I had a birthday recently and a coworker of mine made some pretty amazing cupcakes for me:

This one is topped with a tent.....

This one had a campfire.....

even the heart shaped plate was decorated with bits of Spring peaking out.

Very cool.

I also thought that taking a picture with Duffy to share would be cool.....Duffy voted against it:

That's the best one.  He prefers to be the single star in all photos I guess!

In more Duffy news, I got a cute duck toy with a rope tail for the pup to play with.....I hung it from a tree because my hands are soooooo not strong enough for a Duffy-caliber game of tug-o-war:


It did not end well for the duck:

That's about it from here! 

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  1. Ohhh I love watching Duffy shake that duck! Ziven does the same thing with his stuffless toys (which I lovingly refer to as roadkill, because nothing sounds so sweet as "Get your roadill, baby!)