Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Last Days of Winter, New Shelter, and As Seen On TV

Temperatures are going to be in the 40's all week.  I do believe Winter is preparing to go to sleep.

Last week we did get some wet snow:

 Everything got a fresh layer of white and was looking pretty spiffy.

Wet crunchy snow is no fun to hike through but it is really nice to look at!

When last I blogged, I had mounted a tent on top of the cot.  This worked better than expected but I was having a heck of a time keeping the poles on the cot.  They kept slipping off which made the tent shorter....and shorter....and shorter.

I decided to put together something else for the remainder of the season.  I bought myself some fence posts:

Gathered up any unused bungee cords:

 Un-mounted the tent....which Duffy did not appreciate:

The ground is still frozen so attached the fence posts to the legs of the cot and tossed a HUGE tarp over them:
I then walked around the inside to straighten it out:

Then back to the outside to wrap it snugly:

I opened the "door" using a bungee and a tree branch:

I lined the cots with a smaller tarp:

then added the carpeting: 

...and then the sleeping bag:

And then I notices there was an opening in one of the corners:

I had to rewrap part of the tarp so that Duffy didn't end up getting wrapped up on the posts...and then I had a finished shelter:

Duffy tried it out and approved:

We slept in it for the first time last night.  It is positively HUGE compared to the last two tents:

No claustrophobia issues here!

While I was gathering needed supplies for this project, I found a couple of interesting things at the stores:

First of all, the guy at the coffee place always puts a little smiley face on the cup.

I love that.

This place has stopped trying to sell ice cream.  They now sell spoons.....and give you the ice cream for free with it.

I love that.

Then there was this thing:

Apparently, there are people who voluntarily stick this wax vacuum in their ears and turn it on.


They stick a vacuum in their ears.

Yeah.....I'm going back to the woods now.

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