Saturday, March 23, 2013

Winter Returns, Campfire Fun, and a New Shower

 Remember how I said it looked like Winter was about to go to sleep?  Well......

Not so much. 

Knee deep snow has fallen over the past week.  While I appreciate the fabulous let work out I get from hiking through the stuff.....enough already.  I'm am so very ready for Spring to get here. 

Where is that freakin' groundhog when  you need him????

Well, before the snow flew, I did get in a couple nice campfires:

I forgot how fabulous a campfire smells.

I also put together a new shower and picked up some solar lights:

Cool moment.....last year I was buying a pre-boxed solar shower....this year I'm making one.

No seriously.....does the awesome-ness never stop?

Ok, I took a bucket, put a hole in the bottom, inserted a tube, and sealed it with plumber goo stuff.  The goo is not very pretty to look at....but I added some glitter and made the seal in the shape of a we're good.

I then covered the top with mesh and hug it up to catch the rain.  I couldn't find any giant rubber bands to hold the mesh on but I DID find some headbands.  So, not only is it secure, it is colorful!

Ok, yes, it promptly froze when the temps dipped again....but it is supposed to be warming up again this week so I'll get to try it out! 

The solar lights are nice.  They are allowing me to get around camp at night without having to use the headlamp.  Duffy is not a fan of the he's pretty happy with this solution as well. to look for Spring......

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